ECDM earl

Farm France, Auvergne (03)




Registered in the herd book:Yes


For the replacement of your failing bull, Charolais Breeding Dessert Maurice is at your disposal. Big registered Charolais bulls, from AI, aged 18 to 20 months, are offered at the right price. 40 years of use of the best bulls of the breed through artificial insemination, combined with a rigorous selection, allow us to sell breeders able, from today, to ensure the mounting on a large batch of cows or heifers.Their main assets are ease of birth on cows and heifers, fertility (calving-calving interval on primiparas of 370 days), milk production combined with a very high growth potential for heavy and well-conformed growers, exceptional ability girls with calving. To make your purchase in the best conditions, the personalized visit of our flock will be offered.